Finally I decided to join the blogers community. My blog is going to be focused on my homeland Iran and what is going on there. All are welcome to post. I was born in Iran 43 years ago in a small sun-baked city at the edge of the Kavir. What I mostly remember and miss about my hometown are lots of trees, a sky dotted by the brightest stars, and in the summer that wonderful scent of Peech Amin-al-doleh and Nastaran in the old alleys and streets.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Dr. Bagherzadeh had an article today published at

I would like to know what kind of "relationship" with the U.S. Rafsanjani could manage. The main issues in the relationship would be Terrorism, Israel, Human Rights, and the Nuclear issue. My question is, suppose that Iran and the U.S. reached an agreement on all points, would that mean then there would be embassies opened in Tehran and in Washington D.C.? If that would be the case, then me and few more like me, as a dual citizens could go to Iran and start peaceful political activities for example for a Referendum? Could the Islamic Republic put me in jail or do to me what they did to Zahra Kazemi? And to how many of us without a huge uproar here in the U.S.? What would Islamic Republic do? What are your thoughts?

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