Finally I decided to join the blogers community. My blog is going to be focused on my homeland Iran and what is going on there. All are welcome to post. I was born in Iran 43 years ago in a small sun-baked city at the edge of the Kavir. What I mostly remember and miss about my hometown are lots of trees, a sky dotted by the brightest stars, and in the summer that wonderful scent of Peech Amin-al-doleh and Nastaran in the old alleys and streets.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

آن جاي ديگر

ما وقتي مي‌گوييم يك دولت عملگرا و قانوني را تشكيل مي‌دهيم، يعني نمي‌خواهيم چيزي بيش از حق خود اخذ كنيم. رفراندوم قانون اساسي در حيطه اختيارات دولت نيست. دولت مي‌تواند مواضعي به نفع آن داشته باشد و از آن حمايت كند اما نمي‌تواند رفراندوم برگزار كند. چارچوب حقوقي آن يك جاي ديگر است كه "آن جاي ديگر" بايد قانع شود و ممكن است كه ما تلاش كنيم آن مرجع را قانع كنيم
The above is from an interview with Mohamad Reza Khatami. This guy does not understand that آن جاي ديگر is not one person, it is a whole group of people that here he wants to put it on Khamenei alone. Not that Khamenei is not a demagogue tyrant, but he is only one person in the system of Jomhoori Eslami and they do understand well that if one of their piollars fall the rest of the system falls apart. M.R. Khatami does not appear to understand this-so he is either a fool or he is a lier. Take the one you prefer.


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