Finally I decided to join the blogers community. My blog is going to be focused on my homeland Iran and what is going on there. All are welcome to post. I was born in Iran 43 years ago in a small sun-baked city at the edge of the Kavir. What I mostly remember and miss about my hometown are lots of trees, a sky dotted by the brightest stars, and in the summer that wonderful scent of Peech Amin-al-doleh and Nastaran in the old alleys and streets.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

يك دولت به طيف راست، بدهكاريم

I saw the above title on Baztab site. The akhonds are the most por-rou people. Everybody wants to kick them out but they think we OWE them a government! yeki ro be deh rah nemidadan soragh khouneh kadkhoda ro migereft.

But I think the problem is us. We, the Iranians have to rise up against the islamic tyranny in Iran and kick them.


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