Finally I decided to join the blogers community. My blog is going to be focused on my homeland Iran and what is going on there. All are welcome to post. I was born in Iran 43 years ago in a small sun-baked city at the edge of the Kavir. What I mostly remember and miss about my hometown are lots of trees, a sky dotted by the brightest stars, and in the summer that wonderful scent of Peech Amin-al-doleh and Nastaran in the old alleys and streets.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Roshan-fekr Eslami

My thoughts about an interview with akhond Kadivar: new...maleimams.shtml
The above comes from an Islamic Roshan-fekr. It is so typical of Islamic Roshan-fekrs, women could speak but only if متعارف سخن بگويند و حدود را رعايت بکنند. Who is to say what is "متعارف" and who determines what the "حدود" is. Khomeini ham haminjoor beh naal va beh mikh nizad. From akhond kadivar's point of view certainly it has to be the akhonds. I'd like to say to akhond Kadivar, those days that a bunch of turbin heads decide what women could say, how to say it, when to say it, and where to say is going to be over soon.


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